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Movement in the business leadership
12 March 2020

The founders, Yves Choinière and Hélène Desrochers, announced that it is time for them to make way for the next generation. They are stepping down from the shareholding and management of CLC while remaining active in the company for the next few years. Mr. Choinière continues to act as engineer/project manager and team mentor, while Ms. Desrochers remains in charge of billing. It is very important for them to ensure the transfer of knowledge to the next generation to ensure the continuity of the business.

Christian Lemay and Nathalie Filion are happy to welcome Francis Morasse and Philippe Glaude as partners and members of the company’s management. They have both been members of the CLC team for over 10 years as engineers/project managers.

The entire CLC team would like to take this opportunity to thank Yves and Hélène for their great contribution to the success of the company and wish Philippe and Francis the best of luck in their new management roles.