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About our firm

Consultants Lemay & Choinière is an engineering firm that relies on the know-how, the experience and the collaboration of its team in addition to encouraging client’s cooperation in order to design efficient and innovating projects.

Our mission

Offer personalized engineering services of excellence thanks to a team aiming to innovate and design projects that will exceed our clients’ expectations while developing a real collaborative spirit.

Our vision

To be recognized as a leader in engineering services, with agricultural businesses, as well as in the commercial and institutional sectors, by promoting the development of skills and personal well-being within our team.

Our values


Trust, team spirit, responsibility, listening, sharing, quality, client satisfaction. All together.


It is the cement of a climate that promotes well-being at work. Benevolence is essential towards our colleagues, our clients and our commitments.

Innovation and open-mindedness

Continuous improvement encourages new ideas. Creativity and improvement always bring satisfaction not only to our team, but also to our clients.


Honesty and loyalty in our choices are always paramount, making us accountable for our actions, which in turn, remain ethical.


Yves Choinière founded Les Consultants Yves Choinière in Montérégie.


Christian Lemay et Yves Choinière become associates. The continuity of the company is now ensured. Also in 2008, opening of the Quebec regional branch in St-Apollinaire.


The company receives the “Industrial” award from the Canadian Society for bioengineering (CSBE) during the international congress in Québec.


Integration of the Christian Drolet Consultant team and its clientele. Neering the end of 2013, the company changes name and becomes Consultants Lemay & Choinière. The Québec regional branch moves into its new location in Lévis.


We celebrate our 20 years anniversary!


The head office moves to its new location on Route 235 in Ange-Gardien.


Yves Choinière retires from the shareholding and management of the company, remaining active as an Engineer/Project leader and mentor of the team for the next few years. Consultants Lemay & Choinière welcomes Francis Morasse and Philippe Glaude as associates and management team members. The year 2020 also marks the celebration of our 25 years of existence!


Launch of our new corporate image.
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Our team
of professionals

Since its beginning, the team has grown and diversified. Today, we are proud of our multidisciplinary team: civil and agricultural engineers, technicians, draftsmen, assistants and managers who work together to better serve our growing clientele. We are committed to distinguishing ourselves in everything we do!

consultants Lemay Choinière Agricultural engineering
Christian Lemay consultants Lemay Choinière Agricultural engineering

Christian Lemay

Christian comes from a family of milk producers. Bachelor in civil engineering from Laval University, he has been with the company since 1997 and is specialized in dairy barn design and agricultural structures. He is also a board member of AQINAC (Association Québécoise des industries de nutrition animale et céréalière).

Yves Choinière consultants Lemay Choinière Agricultural engineering

Yves Choinière

From a dairy farm in Montérégie, Yves graduated form McGill University in agricultural engineering and is a bachelor in civil engineering. Autor of the Canadiens Standards for natural and mechanical ventilation systems, he is, in 2020, welcomed as a fellow within the Canadian Academy of Engineering in recognition of his exceptional achievements and his significant contribution to Canadian engineering.

Philippe Glaude consultants Lemay Choinière ingénierie agricole

Philippe Glaude

Philippe comes from a family of milk producers from the East of Ontario. Bachelor from McGill University in bioresources, Philippe has been with the company since 2008. He is a specialist in dairy barn design and agricultural structures and is working on developing the Ontario market.

Francis Morasse consultants Lemay Choinière Agriculural engineering

Francis Morasse

From a dairy farm, Francis has graduated from Laval University in agri-environmental engineering. Part of the team since 2009, he is specialized in dairy barn design and agricultural structures.

Over 5,500 customers files processed since 1995
More than 4,200 km separates our customers from one side of the Country to the other
More than 1,500 projects requesting Government authorization from MELCC (since 1997)